Why working from home is a shedload less stressful!

Even with the easing of restrictions relating to Coronavirus Covid-19, we are advised to stay at home as much as possible. In this post, our guest author David Kightley speculates if for many people working from home, far from being an imposition, it is set to become the new norm? With the aid of innovative technology linking home and the workplace it may become a permanent way of life even when the restrictions are finally lifted.



Setting up a workstation indoors without compromising domestic bliss and routines can be challenging and on televised links during the epidemic we’ve seen a variety of backgrounds (sometimes more interesting than the content) and for the lucky few a bookcase background seems a safe and popular choice! 

However, a recent study by Starling, the digital bank, found that some business owners have opted for more unique outdoor working spaces including a barn, caravan, log cabin and yes, you’ve guessed it, a shed! The rise in operating from a garden shed comes as more people are choosing either self-employment or to meet the growing emphasis on flexible working encouraged by many large businesses and local authorities. For some it also fulfils their dreams of combining business with parenthood. 



The study shows that 104,000 micro-businesses and sole traders operate exclusively from a shed and contribute nearly £17 billion a year to the UK economy. Such workers spent on average £3,343 on building and kitting out garden workspace at an average size of 65 square feet, but save up to £8,738 a year on rent, commuting costs and food-to-go expenses. Though the biggest benefit of all is getting more peace and quiet, it is not always the case of working in isolation. Almost one in five host client meetings in their outbuildings, use them for staff catch-ups or even as a venue for new business pitches. Some of the other benefits mentioned include migrating away from the kitchen table, avoiding the anxiety of commuting as well as being able to be with their pets. 

Anne Boden, chief executive and founder of Starling Bank said: “The growing emphasis on a healthy work-life balance has led to an explosion in people working from their homes”. Full-time shed-workers running businesses from garden sheds are four times less likely to suffer stress than employees stuck in offices. Those operating from outbuildings rather than standard surroundings are typically found to enjoy an improved work-life balance. 



Sheds seem to have been a recurring theme at DSD, last featured as a parody element in our fifty shades of green blog. History often repeats itself and just over ten years ago DSD was formed over a dining room table! If, as a result of the current guidelines you too have been inspired to join the shed brigade then why not follow in DSD’s footsteps? The choice and colour of your garden shed is down to you, but we’ll do all we can to help you lock down (pun intended) a desirable and effective brand in any colour under the sun to suit and promote your line of business. 

Be inspired to transform your work-life balance. If you would like our founder Dan to personally create or refresh your brand give him a call right now on 01245 465324 

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David Kightley

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  1. Brian Summers on 13th May 2020 at 6:34 pm

    Another excellent blog David ??

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    Sheds are the future! Enjoyed the blog David. ??

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