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Feared by some, admired by others, Graphic Designers play a key role in a successful brand. They are the key to unlock the potential of an idea, a tricky process for some business owners. In these articles we cover the advantages of working with a graphic designer.

Great design is a piece of cake…

By David Kightley | 15th October 2021 | 0

Have you ever stopped to think about what a wonderful thing a piece of cake is? Equally, a piece of cake is an age-old English idiom to claim that something can be easily achieved.  In this post our guest author, David Kightley (aka the Old Sage), compares the key ingredients required to create both a…

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Studio 3, the story so far…

By Dan Summers | 21st September 2021 | 0

It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been ‘city-based’ for almost a month! It was way back on August 3rd that I first visited 78 New London Road; soon to become DSD’s new home and third studio in the firm’s 12-year history. The path to moving studios started in early January this year when we…

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Is your logo ready for a digital world?

By Dan Summers | 11th September 2020 | 1

A great logo has the ability to work across a wide range of applications whilst retaining a consistent message throughout. It’s something that designers strive to build intoany logo design. This required structure can take the form of colours, typefaces or brand elements that you use in a particular way. With so many brands utilising…

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Whatever the shape of the recession we’ll be here for you!

By David Kightley | 26th August 2020 | 0

Waves of workers have begun to return to their jobs after those who were unable to carry out business from home were encouraged to head back. It may indeed be a case of off to work we go but not necessarily as we knew it before COVID-19. In this post our guest author, David Kightley,…

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Ten Years: A Million Thanks!

By David Kightley | 26th October 2019 | 1

Dan Summers Design, increasingly known as DSD, celebrates its tenth anniversary on 26 October 2019. A decade ago, if somebody had offered us getting on for 250 direct clients in the first ten years we’d have taken that! In this post, our guest author David Kightley (aka the Old Sage) looks back on our journey…

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Is it ever okay to deviate from your core logo and colours?

By Dan Summers | 26th September 2019 | 1

Consistency is key when it comes to your logo and elements that make up your corporate identity. Policing your brand and its elements is a full time job and a really helpful graphic designer will provide Brand Guidelines for business owners to follow. But are there instances when its acceptable to deviate from these controlled constraints? Maybe.…

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Why hire a professional graphic designer?

By Dan Summers | 28th April 2019 | 0

28The UK is clearly a thriving environment for aspiring entrepreneurs setting up new business ventures, with a record-breaking 608,110 new businesses being launched in 2015 alone. A large majority of these are set up on a tight budget and their owners must try to balance keeping costs under control while at the same time providing…

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What file type should I ask my graphic designer to provide?

By Dan Summers | 21st April 2019 | 0

Being a great designer is not just about creating first class design work. It is also about providing an excellent overall service including the provision of correct file types for your artwork at the end of a project. Not only does this save you time and stress at the printers, it also builds trust in…

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