Why is colour choice so important when designing my business’s corporate identity?

The choice of colour is very important when establishing the corporate identity of your business. Each colour in the spectrum relates to a specific emotion or quality of service you can expect to receive and it is important for this interpretation to match the reality of your brand. If the choice of colour does not resonate with your brand’s personality, you risk confusing your target audience about the image or ‘sound’ of your business.

In this article, we discuss how the choice of colour is extremely important when your corporate identity is first designed. Ideally, you need to talk to a graphic designer in Essex about the image and personality of your brand to ensure they create a memorable, reassuring and relevant brand image in the eye and mind of the beholder.

What do different colours represent?

Reds – Passion, romance, love, danger and energy

Oranges – Innovation, excitement, energy, warmth, friendly and confident

Yellows – Optimism, positivity, happiness, clarity and motivation

Greens – Life, growth, health, refreshing, nature, money and affluence

Blues – Trust, strength, dependable, loyalty, sincerity and integrity

Purples – Royalty, luxury, wisdom, creative, wise and magic

Pinks – Feminine, floral, tranquilising and soft

Browns – Reliability, practicality and dependability, earthly and natural

Black – Power, sophistication, prestige and timelessness

White – Hope, simplicity, purity, cleanliness, positivity, honesty and transparency

Which colour is the best to establish business identity?

The suitability or otherwise of a colour for your business depends largely on the type of business you run. Don’t be tempted into choosing a colour simply because it is very popular or because it is used by some of the biggest brands in the world. While discussing the colour choices with a graphic designer in Essex, consider the profile and characteristics of your target audience as well as the nature of the products and services you offer to get the most likely emotional match.

In what ways do you use colour to maximise your business’s identity?

When choosing a colour to represent your brand, include it in all elements that contribute to creating a distinctive identity for your business relative to your competitors. In addition to the logo, use the colour in your advertising material, product packaging, exteriors and interiors of your premises, customised business stationery and marketing support materials. If you have a website, use the chosen colour prominently to maintain the subliminal connection between your brand and the visitors.

The colour chosen to establish your brand can become an identifying feature and creates strong associations within the minds of the buying public. For example, look at the deep royal purple used by Cadbury or the cheerful yellow used by McDonalds. These colours have become synonymous with the respective brands. To make sure that the colour you choose is right for your business tell your graphic designer of the likely extent and usage of your brand when the design process first kicks off!

A professional graphic designer in Essex, such as Dan Summers Design, would be able to advise you on selecting the very best colour choice for your corporate identity.

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