Logos are often mistaken for a brand. In reality they are part of a brand, a starting point if you will, for your target audience to easily identify your offering. In these articles we cover the importance of logo design and it’s application within a brand.

How many resolutions have you kept so far this New Year…

By David Kightley | 30th January 2023 |

Most of us have rapidly weakened in the past and some of us may have resolved to make none at all! In this post our guest author, David Kightley, considers which of those resolutions are really worth keeping in 2023. The origin of making New Year’s resolutions is thought to have rested some 4,000 years…

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Branding a Ski Resort…

By Dan Summers | 10th January 2023 |

They say business owners never really switch off, something I experienced on a recent skiing trip to Tignes over Christmas. For once however it wasn’t a bad thing! As you may have guessed it involved design, more specifically the branding of Tignes itself. That 80’s vibe… Prior to stepping foot off the plane I was…

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Is brand architecture a myth or magic?

By David Kightley | 13th December 2022 |

For those of us who scribble down good ideas on the back of an envelope, brand architecture must seem like a foreign language. In this post our guest author, David Kightley, examines the science behind what makes a long-established brand. On the face of it, the perceived complexity of brand architecture justifies why national and…

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Is your logo ready for a digital world?

By Dan Summers | 11th September 2020 |

A great logo has the ability to work across a wide range of applications whilst retaining a consistent message throughout. It’s something that designers strive to build intoany logo design. This required structure can take the form of colours, typefaces or brand elements that you use in a particular way. With so many brands utilising…

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Is it ever okay to deviate from your core logo and colours?

By Dan Summers | 26th September 2019 |

Consistency is key when it comes to your logo and elements that make up your corporate identity. Policing your brand and its elements is a full time job and a really helpful graphic designer will provide Brand Guidelines for business owners to follow. But are there instances when its acceptable to deviate from these controlled constraints? Maybe.…

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Did you know… The story of the DSD logo?

By Dan Summers | 12th July 2019 |

The DSD logo has evolved incrementally in the last ten years. In this article we look back on the history of that evolution – a never ending journey! 2007 – DSR Two years prior to the launch of DSD a similarly styled brand existed in the form of DSR. Dan Summers Racing (DSR) represented our…

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Why should I review my business’s brand?

By Dan Summers | 28th June 2019 |

We have all heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”; meaning if something is working perfectly well, leave it alone. This can be true of many things in life, but when it comes to your company’s corporate identity (logo/brand) it is important to monitor and review your branding to ensure you…

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Who owns the copyright of my new logo or brand?

By Dan Summers | 4th June 2019 |

Copyright is a form of ‘Intellectual Property’ generated through intellectual or creative activity and like all property you can lease it, license it, inherit it, sell it or give it away! Copyright material cannot usually be used without the owner’s permission. Copyright applies to any medium, meaning that you must not reproduce copyright-protected work in…

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When should I refresh my company logo and marketing materials?

By Dan Summers | 21st May 2019 |

Marketing is an essential requirement for your business, with companies both big and small having competitors all over the world. Digital marketing and the online world have created a setup wherein products made in one corner of the world can easily be delivered to someone sitting at the other end. While this may help businesses…

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Why hire a professional graphic designer?

By Dan Summers | 28th April 2019 |

28The UK is clearly a thriving environment for aspiring entrepreneurs setting up new business ventures, with a record-breaking 608,110 new businesses being launched in 2015 alone. A large majority of these are set up on a tight budget and their owners must try to balance keeping costs under control while at the same time providing…

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