Design and marketing have forever gone hand-in-hand. This idea is perfectly summed up by American illustrator and author Von Glitschka, “Marketing without design is lifeless and design without marketing is mute”.

These articles cover the art and process of applying your brand and the elements that go with it, into effective marketing that captures your target audience’s attention.

How to integrate my brand across my marketing materials?

By Dan Summers | 18th June 2019 | 0

Regardless of the market that you operate in brand awareness is vitally important, and the more consistent you are in raising the profile of your brand the stronger and more recognisable it will be to your target audience. Integrating your brand across your marketing materials is also a great way of maximising your original spend…

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Why is colour choice so important when designing my business’s corporate identity?

By Dan Summers | 14th April 2019 | 0

The choice of colour is very important when establishing the corporate identity of your business. Each colour in the spectrum relates to a specific emotion or quality of service you can expect to receive and it is important for this interpretation to match the reality of your brand. If the choice of colour does not…

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