Design and marketing have forever gone hand-in-hand. This idea is perfectly summed up by American illustrator and author Von Glitschka, “Marketing without design is lifeless and design without marketing is mute”.

These articles cover the art and process of applying your brand and the elements that go with it, into effective marketing that captures your target audience’s attention.

Give your brand the best Christmas present ever!

By David Kightley | 18th December 2023 |

We are all familiar with hitting the refresh button on our screens to give us the latest version of simply anything and everything. In this seasonal post our guest author, David Kightley (aka the Old Sage), gives us a timely reminder to include a close and often forgotten friend on this year’s yuletide shopping list.…

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Is brand architecture a myth or magic?

By David Kightley | 13th December 2022 |

For those of us who scribble down good ideas on the back of an envelope, brand architecture must seem like a foreign language. In this post our guest author, David Kightley, examines the science behind what makes a long-established brand. On the face of it, the perceived complexity of brand architecture justifies why national and…

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My 5 Basic Social Media Design Tips

By Dan Summers | 3rd November 2021 |

Setting up social media accounts for your brand can be an exciting experience as you begin to share your content with the world. Amongst the excitement it’s easy to miss simple design elements which can make or break a profile. Here are 5 basic social media design tips to help you on your way… Profile…

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Is it ever okay to deviate from your core logo and colours?

By Dan Summers | 26th September 2019 |

Consistency is key when it comes to your logo and elements that make up your corporate identity. Policing your brand and its elements is a full time job and a really helpful graphic designer will provide Brand Guidelines for business owners to follow. But are there instances when its acceptable to deviate from these controlled constraints? Maybe.…

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Top 5 tips to strengthen your brand

By Dan Summers | 3rd September 2019 |

1. Create original content There are literally hundreds of websites offering stock images that you can use for your marketing and social media content. From chargeable providers such as iStock Photo ( to free sources like Pexels (, these give you the peace-of-mind that you are using content that is copyright free. However it also means…

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How to integrate my brand across my marketing materials?

By Dan Summers | 18th June 2019 |

Regardless of the market that you operate in brand awareness is vitally important, and the more consistent you are in raising the profile of your brand the stronger and more recognisable it will be to your target audience. Integrating your brand across your marketing materials is also a great way of maximising your original spend…

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Why is colour choice so important when designing my business’s corporate identity?

By Dan Summers | 14th April 2019 |

The choice of colour is very important when establishing the corporate identity of your business. Each colour in the spectrum relates to a specific emotion or quality of service you can expect to receive and it is important for this interpretation to match the reality of your brand. If the choice of colour does not…

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