The world of design and branding is a constantly evolving arena - a journey without end. We always make a constant effort to keep up to date with the latest industry news and trends, which enables us to continuously provide the highest quality branding and marketing materials for our clients; coupled with the expertise that we have become renowned for over the past ten years. Here in our blog, we share many of our own top tips, studio updates and industry news relating to simply anything to do with graphic design and branding!

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DSD by numbers!

By David Kightley | 5th March 2021 | 0

Painting by numbers is seen by some as cheating, but to others it’s an artistic process and a godsend that allows relative novices to create a masterpiece! In this post our guest author, David Kightley, paints a picture of how DSD has been built on numbers from its foundation in 2009 right up to the…

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Fifty Shades of Gold!

By David Kightley | 4th February 2021 | 0

There might be a question mark for the second year running over many of our favourite live televised events. In this final post of the Fifty Shades theme our guest author, David Kightley, goes in search of simply anybody who has gone for gold in their chosen fields…     In the gardening world, Carol…

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My Top 5 Sticker Mule Products

By Dan Summers | 4th December 2020 | 0

I’ve been a huge fan of Sticker Mule products since receiving my first order back in December 2017.  Finding a supplier of custom products that you can rely on order after order is a god-send when you’re promoting your business. Sticker Mule’s relentless focus on making the process as quick and as stress-free as possible…

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Is your logo ready for a digital world?

By Dan Summers | 11th September 2020 | 1

A great logo has the ability to work across a wide range of applications whilst retaining a consistent message throughout. It’s something that designers strive to build intoany logo design. This required structure can take the form of colours, typefaces or brand elements that you use in a particular way. With so many brands utilising…

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Whatever the shape of the recession we’ll be here for you!

By David Kightley | 26th August 2020 | 0

Waves of workers have begun to return to their jobs after those who were unable to carry out business from home were encouraged to head back. It may indeed be a case of off to work we go but not necessarily as we knew it before COVID-19. In this post our guest author, David Kightley,…

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Why working from home is a shedload less stressful!

By David Kightley | 13th May 2020 | 2

Even with the easing of restrictions relating to Coronavirus Covid-19, we are advised to stay at home as much as possible. In this post, our guest author David Kightley speculates if for many people working from home, far from being an imposition, it is set to become the new norm? With the aid of innovative…

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Fifty Shades Of Green: If Only!

By Gerald Dubarts | 28th February 2020 | 1

E L James’ enlightening and possibly liberating novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, extolling the virtues or otherwise of entrepreneur Christian Grey, was a best-seller back in 2012. In this post, our new guest author for 2020, Gerald Dubarts, explores the insignificance of fifty shades of simply any colour, tint or hue in the context of…

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Did you know…that Essex is the birthplace of mapping and forerunner of OS?

By David Kightley | 29th November 2019 | 0

Visitors approaching the outskirts of Chelmsford, possibly on their way to DSD with the help of Satnav or Google Maps, will be familiar with the proud proclamation on the welcome signs: City of Chelmsford – Birthplace of Radio. In this post, our guest author, David Kightley, reveals that what they probably don’t know is that…

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Ten Years: A Million Thanks!

By David Kightley | 26th October 2019 | 0

Dan Summers Design, increasingly known as DSD, celebrates its tenth anniversary on 26 October 2019. A decade ago, if somebody had offered us getting on for 250 direct clients in the first ten years we’d have taken that! In this post, our guest author David Kightley (aka the Old Sage) looks back on our journey…

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Is it ever okay to deviate from your core logo and colours?

By Dan Summers | 26th September 2019 | 1

Consistency is key when it comes to your logo and elements that make up your corporate identity. Policing your brand and its elements is a full time job and a really helpful graphic designer will provide Brand Guidelines for business owners to follow. But are there instances when its acceptable to deviate from these controlled constraints? Maybe.…

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