Did you know… The story of the DSD logo?

The DSD logo has evolved incrementally in the last ten years. In this article we look back on the history of that evolution – a never ending journey!

2007 – DSR

Two years prior to the launch of DSD a similarly styled brand existed in the form of DSR. Dan Summers Racing (DSR) represented our race team for a seven-season stint in a National Series called Stock Hatch. The logo featured the still recognisable single stokeline monogram style found in the DSD Hexaform of today. Its applications included vehicle graphics, team t-shirts, supporters flags and a dedicated website.

2009 – Formation of DSD

On Monday 26th October 2009 DSD was formally launched with a subtle redesign of the DSR logo. The changes required were minimal and began to form a tight-knit portfolio of brands. The inspiration for the brand colours came one afternoon whilst relaxing in a local beer garden with a bottle of Magners Pear Cider, which featured a beautiful gradation from lime to dark green. Green is also of course the colour of growth, productivity and renewal, all important aspects of design and marketing. The logo featured on a wide variety of marketing materials including stationery items, building signage, vinyl graphics, A5 flyers, and social media accounts.

2015 – Stand Alone Monogram

After 5 years of trading a review of the logo was due and the decision was made to drop the ‘Dan Summers Design’ element to begin streamlining the brand. The rationale behind the change included the fact that wherever the monogram appeared either a profile name could elaborate on the logo (social media) or contact details such as the web URL or email address would make the connection (stationery and marketing items). It was a bold move and one which wasn’t made lightly, but would pave the way for the next variant of the logo the following year. You can read more about when to review or refresh your brand in our previous articles here… review and refresh.

2016 – The DSD Hexaform

In April 2016 DSD moved studios to its current home within the prominent Safestore building on the gateway roundabout to Dukes Park Industrial Estate in Chelmsford, Essex. The move would require new stationery and studio signage and presented a good opportunity to once again review the brand. I wanted to encapsulate the DSD monogram and create something memorable with hidden meaning. After much development the DSD Hexaform was born, giving the brand the ability to stand alone as a seal of approval whilst still being simple enough to recreate in a multitude of mediums and at different scales. And the hidden meaning? Well, the four angled edges at the top and bottom are positioned at 26 degrees, a nod to the date DSD was officially founded back in 2009.

2017 – Logo Registration

The following year would see one of the biggest milestones for the DSD logo. In May 2017 application for trademark registration to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) was made, beginning a two month period of public review. In the meantime the ‘TM’ initials were added to the Hexaform to promote the fact that the logo was in the process of registration. The whole process was straightforward and fairly inexpensive, with the most taxing part being deciding which categories the business fell into. Thankfully the staff at the IPO were highly knowledgeable and exceptionally friendly. Receiving the certificate of registration in July was a hugely proud moment, as was the inclusion of the ® symbol in our brand, giving peace-of-mind that the logo is protected from copy or competitor challenge, as well as giving a warm feeling of official ownership. Failure to register one’s precious business-dependent brand is often classed by business gurus as a “schoolboy error”. I’d highly recommend pursuing registration of your new logo and would be happy to assist where possible.

2019 – 10th Anniversary

This year marks a decade since DSD’s formation and we’re in good company with brands including Boots (170 years), Sainsburys (150 years), Nintendo (130 years) and Fiat (120 years) also celebrating significant anniversaries. To mark our relatively modest occasion a special 10th Anniversary version of the logo has been developed, cleverly incorporating the Hexaform within the numeral. Special emblems such as this not only help to instil a sense of pride in the achievement of trading for a set anniversary, but also inspire confidence in customers and clients that there is true heritage and longevity within our brand and it is someone who they can trust. This celebratory artwork has been applied to a whole host of items including studio equipment, client gifts, social media accounts and screensavers.


I hope you have enjoyed taking a journey through the past decade of the DSD logo and brand. If you have any questions on any of the items covered such as a 3-5 year review and refresh of your logo and brand or how to register your trademark from a designer’s perspective, then please leave me a comment below and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Dan Summers

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  1. Brian Summers on 14th July 2019 at 1:43 pm

    Excellent Dan.

    • Dan Summers on 15th July 2019 at 12:09 pm

      Thanks Brian, glad you enjoyed it.

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