When should I refresh my company logo and marketing materials?

Marketing is an essential requirement for your business, with companies both big and small having competitors all over the world. Digital marketing and the online world have created a setup wherein products made in one corner of the world can easily be delivered to someone sitting at the other end. While this may help businesses grow internationally on the one hand, it also increases the level of competition.

In order to stay afloat and increase your brand awareness and more importantly, retain your customer loyalty, it is not only important to keep reinventing your products and improving your services, but also to focus on newer marketing strategies too.

One way to do this is also by going back to the start. By following a simple action plan that involves reinventing your logo or changing the marketing materials you use, you can achieve more brand awareness. In this article, we talk about when you should consider refreshing your company logo and marketing materials.

Competitors have a more youthful image

Most companies sport logos made at least a decade or so ago. It was not often the norm for a business entity to take the decision to change the company logo, unless of course a merger deemed it imperative. Today however, reinvention is the key to staying above the competition. While it is not possible and definitely not advisable to change your logo often, you need to identify when the time is right.

If you observe that your immediate competitors have a more youthful market appearance, you may have to rethink your entire marketing strategy. Sometimes, a simple action like changing the colour scheme on your product label could work. If you think it is time to go in for a new company image, starting with a new logo design may help.

Your strategy is out-of-date

Gone are the days when pamphlets, serious presentations and newspaper ads created sales. While you may need these traditional marketing materials to help you create more awareness and increase your reach, it is simply not enough.

You have to think about the changes in the market today and the newer ways to reach out to people. New age tools involve online and social media marketing, online video virals and campaigns; just to mention a few.

A professional graphic designer in Chelmsford, such as Dan Summers Design, would be able to advise you on the kinds of tools out there and more importantly, the ones that will suit your product and purpose best.

When deciding to reinvent yourself

It is important to reinvent yourself once in a while or at least review every three to five years. Some of the major national brands have done it incrementally and imperceptibly in recent years. A new image, a new product design or service and a new marketing technique were all part of their overall marketing strategy to increase sales and revenue. Quite often, a refreshed company logo is all it takes to beat the competition. Study the market, see what would work for you and hire a professional graphic designer in Chelmsford to help you decide how best to refresh your image. Sometimes, the smallest tweak is all it takes to make a big difference!

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