Great design is a piece of cake…

Have you ever stopped to think about what a wonderful thing a piece of cake is? Equally, a piece of cake is an age-old English idiom to claim that something can be easily achieved.  In this post our guest author, David Kightley (aka the Old Sage), compares the key ingredients required to create both a tasty treat and an effective and desirable brand!

In the beginning…

It turns out that if you combine eggs from chickens, churned milk from cows, ground-up wheat and the refined juice from sugar cane or beet; then apply some heat and you soon you have a wonderfully tasty treat. The humble sponge cake didn’t just appear overnight. Modern cakes are the result of countless iterations as human hands refined and improved the baking process into the commercialised form it takes today. Get the process wrong and the cake can turn out too dry, too flat, too gloopy or dare I say with a soggy bottom!

Carl Edward Sagan (1934-1996), an American planetary scientist, author and science communicator famously said: “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe”. He may have been more interested in pies and the origin of the universe than cakes, but he was right. When we create something new it sits on the top of creations that came before it. Once made, a sponge cake can be decorated to suit many different occasions.  The process of designing an effective and desirable brand is no exception to this edict.

Recipe for great design

All projects at DSD commence with a detailed brief taken either at an initial meeting or via an in-depth email. This is the most important part of the design process as it provides us with essential background information regarding your business or organisation, your products or services and your company ethos. To put it in the context of this post, the creations and aspiration that came before it that define your business as of today! That gives us a clear idea of what style of design is required to identify and promote your business image and key marketing message. An added ingredient in our mix is knowing whether a brand is going on the side of a bus or the side of a pencil…or both!

However many applications you foresee, once your preferred designs have been signed off they will be made up to professional print or media specifications in both colour and mono versions and supplied in the most common file types together with a Brand Guidelines document for ease of execution and consistency in producing and policing the applications of your effective new brand.

Happy Birthday DSD!

Later this month DSD celebrates its twelfth anniversary and no doubt the co-founders and family supporters will be tucking into a generous slice of cake to celebrate the longevity of the DSD brand and for surviving the pandemic-induced recession. Equally, the determination of the eponymous owner to adopt a more sustainable business model to ensure continuity of bespoke design and first-class personal service within a friendly and inspiring studio setting for many years to come!

If you think a newly created or refreshed brand would be the icing on your particular cake call 01245 860238 right now and our founder Dan will be delighted to add a sprinkling of castor sugar to your new or existing brand. With creativity, like cake, anything is possible!

David Kightley

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