Studio 3, the story so far…

It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been ‘city-based’ for almost a month! It was way back on August 3rd that I first visited 78 New London Road; soon to become DSD’s new home and third studio in the firm’s 12-year history.

The path to moving studios started in early January this year when we received our annual rent increase at Studio 2. At that point the decision was made that 2021 would be our last year on Dukes Park and a serious search commenced.

An overview

Studio 3 is a second floor, 188sq ft, street-facing space at one end of a 173 year-old Victorian terrace on New London Road, Chelmsford. Its low ceilings and slightly wonky entrance door provide all the quirks I longed for to make it a truly special place to work. Being at the very top of the building also offers the advantage of peace and quiet, with no one constantly walking past the door or noisily congregating outside on the landing, something that became more and more of an issue at Studio 2.

Everything in its place

Space planning and accurate wall layout elevations were key to what has been a surprisingly rapid turn-around from blank canvas to a familiar DSD aesthetic. This was possible thanks to a great relationship with our new landlord Maria, who was kind enough to allow us to pop in on a regular basis before our tenancy commenced to take countless measurements; and even give the room a coat (or four!) of brilliant white paint. This flexibility also allowed us to gradually bring across smaller items and furniture the week before moving, meaning our last day at the old studio was dedicated purely to the bigger items such as the desk and TV unit, which turned out to be a real lifesaver!

Talking of furniture, the new space (more than half as big again as Studio 2) allows for the combination of the two previous rooms into one coherent set up, with specific areas for work, meetings, display and storage. The more intimate meeting table has already been put to good use with our first client meeting within a fortnight of moving in, with extremely positive results!

Location, location, location

A city-centre location had been something I’d dreamt of for quite a while; the hustle and bustle of thriving Chelmsford mixed with the ability to breakout into the greenery and tranquillity of Central Park when needed really appealed to me. The main stumbling block for this vision when carrying out our studio search had been parking, with spaces at a premium in Essex’s County Town. Fortunately, number 78 had the option of a reserved space in a gated area immediately behind the building which we obviously jumped at the chance of taking for an additional monthly fee. With the ability to use it at weekends it’s worked out even cheaper with what we save on public parking; a win-win situation!

The verdict

So, almost a month on and I really don’t have any negative vibes regarding the move. The studio has taken on a new mature feel; we have a great new flexible landlord and are City-based with a street presence, all major boxes ticked for me!

I always encourage client visits to the studio, whether it’s to discuss a new project or just catch-up over a coffee. There is something irreplaceably special about meeting face-to-face, even more so after all the restrictions. Contact us on our new number, 01245 890238 or email to book your next visit.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped both physically with the move and also those who gave their support, opinion and advice. It was a truly collective effort and I’m eternally grateful for your help – you know who you are.

Dan Summers

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