How to integrate my brand across my marketing materials?

Regardless of the market that you operate in brand awareness is vitally important, and the more consistent you are in raising the profile of your brand the stronger and more recognisable it will be to your target audience.

Integrating your brand across your marketing materials is also a great way of maximising your original spend on graphic design costs. In this article, we discuss how you can integrate your brand across all of your marketing support materials.

Know the elements of your brand

Your brand is likely to consist of your business or organisation’s logo in colours and a typeface selected to appeal to your target audience and often accompanied by a slogan giving an assurance to your audience of the service they will receive or the nature of your product. These are all key elements of a brand that can be included in promotional materials.

To capture those subliminal connections that we all automatically make, your brand will have been designed in a way that resonates with your potential customers and sometimes this is referred to as your brand ‘voice’. The iconic example is the fictional Mr Kipling who has made “exceedingly good cakes” since 1967. That ‘voice’ needs to be consistent and applied to each of the marketing tools that you are using.

Printed marketing support materials

Despite the ever-growing trend for purchasing goods and services online, well-designed printed marketing support materials are still very effective. The humble business card is far more than just a way of passing on your contact details. Each element of your brand can be included on a good-quality business card, often printed on both sides with a stylish and durable matt-laminated finish, to provide a tactile reminder of your business often long after your customers browsing sessions will have ended!

This approach can be equally applied to your suite of business stationery, A5-sized flyers for door-to-door distribution and scaled up even more for glossy brochures, catalogues, point-of-sale materials, banner and exhibition stands and your business premises.

Online marketing services

If your business or organisation has joined that growing trend of marketing your product or services online, visitors to your website will instantly associate with your business if those same elements of your brand are consistently applied, especially on your Home page.

The colour chosen to reinforce your brand will have been designed to create strong associations in the minds of the buying public, and for visitors landing on your Home page for just a matter of seconds those first impressions really do count!

Great web design needs to be complemented with good words and written in a style that will appeal to your target audience.

Maximising brand awareness

Printed or Online – whatever your choice a professional graphic designer in Essex, such as Dan Summers Design, would be able to advise you on how best to maximise your brand’s awareness and effectiveness in your target market.

Contact Dan Summers Design today on 01245 465324 for more information on professional brand, marketing materials and website design and the benefits it can bring to your business.

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