Smart Plus - Dartford, Kent

Smart Plus entrusted DSD to rebrand and refresh their company image. The motivation for change came about as they decided to split the company into two divisions. These would be known as Smart Plus Electrical, the original company set up in 2013, and Smart Plus Heating, which followed in 2021.

Working in the order of launch, the electrical arm is identified by a stylised geometric bolt, made up of two triangles overlapping. There needed to be a strong connection between the two companies, and so the flame motif is constructed utilising the same shape, producing a highly contemporary style matching the marketing-leading work that Smart Plus carry out.

The Smart Plus wordmark also has subtle detailing in the form of a bespoke ligature connecting the ear of the 'r' and arm of the 't' characters, providing further individuality to the overall offering. Simple sans serif typography is utilised for the descriptors below, using colour as the key connection to the motifs.