Branding for Relmos, Chelmsford

Relmos is a sub brand created for our existing clients Deo Beauty Products, run by husband and wife duo, Sergio and Jennifer. Utilising Amazon as an additional outlet to sell a wide range of basic consumables such as wooden spatulas, a generic logo was required to differentiate these everyday essentials from their very specific main trade offerings.

Keen to not pigeon-hole the logo into one specific product range for future expansion, the decision was made to base it and the name on family links. The name Relmos is formed from the initials of the couples three children (R, E and L), Jennifer's maiden name (Mo) (as her initial wouldn't have worked) and then lastly Sergio's initial. The lower case 'o' add's interest to the logo as well as solidifying the story behind the name.

The motif at first glance forms a barcode linking to product sales, but is actually made up of two thick bars and three thin bars representing the family unit.