Porridge & Pens Ghana, Brightlingsea

Porridge & Pens was set up by Jemma Williams and her sisters back in 2016 and followed three years of fund-raising to set up a new school in a small village just outside Kumasi in Ghana. The primary cause of the charity is to help children access education which can be a tough accomplishment in the region, especially for girls. You can read more about Jemma's journey here: https://porridgeandpens.org/about/

Having produced the initial logo themselves soon after setting up the charity, it was felt that a more professional identity was needed as the organisation grew and so DSD was commissioned to help.

The new logo certainly elevates the charity's image with a friendly hand drawn main typeface, a strong colour palette thanks to the Ghanan flag element and the motif of a young girl reaching for the stars. A couple of interesting details include the star which usually resides in the yellow segment of the flag and the shape behind the girl resembling the outline of Ghana.