Inspires MAT - Witham, Essex

When Connected Learning MAT decided to rebrand to Inspires MAT in January 2024 they commissioned DSD to carry out the design of their new logo and brand assets. The new image needed to achieve a balance of a professional business as well as the story behind Inspires' vision and values, promoting elements coming together with a collective upwards motion.

The trust name was split onto two lines, separating the sentence case and capital case elements. The 'MAT' characters were then intentionally spaced apart to suggest that these were indeed an acronym.

The motif is a collection of several elements including, the letter 'i' for Inspires, an arrow pointing both forward and upwards to signify progress and forward thinking, multiple arms coming together at a central point, and an exclamation point (depending on which way you interpret the dot) representing inspiration or new idea.