Good Health - Colchester, Essex

DSD were commissioned to produce the logo and branding for Good Health, a new and exciting offering from Emma Good, a qualified Nurse and soon to be qualified Wellbeing Coach and Nutritional Specialist. Her goal is to help individuals reach health and wellbeing goals through bespoke and progressive step-by-step plans with daily and weekly support.

The brief was to create a brand that was predominantly gender neutral with a slight sway to a feminine audience, providing a clean, uncluttered, professional image. A bespoke monogram using the Good Health initials represents a continuous journey, for both the clients progress and Emmas support of that journey. The leaf element promotes growth and renewal, with a conscious decision to extend the leaf beyond the ‘H’ representing breaking free of previous barriers.

The company name, produced in the Montserrat typeface, is presented in two weights, which not only gives the word ‘Good’ hierarchy for the company founder, but also provides a link to the two weights used in the motif.