Where Guy Fawkes once failed in 1605…

Around 100,000 people will have bought advance tickets to line the South Bank of the River Thames in London to watch the annual firework display on New Year’s Eve reports our guest author David Kightley. Like everything else lately prices have gone up by 50%. 417 years ago Guy Fawkes and fellow conspirators plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament only to be foiled the night before. This summer and autumn at Westminster the governments of the day managed to implode all on their very own!

Before the dust has settled why not elect to replace or refresh your corporate identity (brand/logo). There’s still time to start the process before the Christmas recess by contacting DSD’s founder Dan Summers either on 01245 890238 or via the website. By getting under way now you won’t need to make any New Year’s Resolutions!

Unlike the politicians of late, Dan is a stayer and you can be pretty sure that he’ll be in office long enough to get the job done!

David Kightley

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