Riverside Home Improvements - Corringham

DSD were commissioned to produce the logo and initial branding for Riverside Home Improvements, a new venture set up by our existing client Dan Savill, who has had previous success with Infinity Roofing established back in 2014. Dan wanted to expand on his offering and so needed a fresh look.

With Infinity Roofing being a word-mark (a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the company name), Dan wanted a separate motif for Riverside that would work independently from the full logo set up for added flexibility of application.

Made up of three elements, the motif the steers clear of the typical home improvement 'hammer and saw' treatment. Instead a set square sits prominently atop its reflection in a stylised ripple effect, depicting the river element. The use of a subtle chimney in the top negative space suggests that Riverside deal with residential properties. The precise alignment of elements further promotes the level of execution in Riversides work.

A subtle link to Dan's previous company Infinity, is the blue colour reference, which is the same for both companies.