DSD by numbers!

Painting by numbers is seen by some as cheating, but to others it’s an artistic process and a godsend that allows relative novices to create a masterpiece! In this post our guest author, David Kightley, paints a picture of how DSD has been built on numbers from its foundation in 2009 right up to the present day…

If nothing else, the daily coronavirus data has taught us that numbers really do matter. Behind each number at DSD there is a human story of ambition and inspiration as our clients seek to embrace and endeavour to ‘live the brand’ created for them in our studios over the past eleven years.

Safety in Numbers

Businesses seldom grow in the way their founder intended and it’s more a case of going where the business takes you. Meeting the branding needs of over fifty private healthcare providers, twenty-six estate agents and more than thirty buildings and property management companies are the unpredicted headline numbers behind DSD’s breadth of experience spanning sixteen broadly-defined market sectors. Financial & legal, design & media, personal goods & services and home improvements are all in double-digits as is retail & catering. Motorsport, hospitality and events help satisfy the earlier passion of our founder for speed, now translated into quick turnaround times for our clients!

In the TV quiz show Pointless (also first aired in 2009) it’s the lowest number that wins and it’s the same winning formula at DSD: Two studios, one graphic designer, one business aim and no real disasters. Our 2009 blank canvas is still work in progress, but the picture that’s emerging is not quite what we were expecting!

Bookmark our Name & Number

In common with many businesses the pandemic has created the time for reflection on how DSD has evolved and how our business model must survive the downturn and shape up for the future. At DSD, we are deeply grateful that our loyal customer base has kept us fully occupied throughout the lockdowns to the point in 2021 where we can finally see the easing of restrictions and safely opening our studio doors to visitors!

Year-on-year we are humbled that client numbers continue to grow. If you would like to add to our number (259 at the last count) we’d be delighted to see your number come up on our phone. Call 01245 465324 right now and our founder Dan will help to relaunch your business for 2021. With creativity, anything is possible!

David Kightley

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