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Why is colour choice so important when designing my business’s corporate identity?

By Dan Summers | 14th April 2019 |

The choice of colour is very important when establishing the corporate identity of your business. Each colour in the spectrum relates to a specific emotion or quality of service you can expect to receive and it is important for this interpretation to match the reality of your brand. If the choice of colour does not…

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Designer’s lament: Great stuff that never made it!

By Dan Summers | 7th April 2019 |

Whatever your business, profession or trade most of us have some sort of cross to bear. A graphic designer’s lot is not a happy one when a cracking new brand never gets to show its face in the market place; with no return on the financial outlay. For a variety of reasons the proud owner…

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Did you know… The Royal Family rebranded in 1917?

By Dan Summers | 31st March 2019 |

British monarch King George V (1910-1936) was cousin to the German emperor Wilhelm II and since the marriage of his grandmother Queen Victoria – the last member of the House of Hanover – to German Prince Albert, Britain’s royal family had rejoiced with some reservation in the dynastic family name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha! Just over a…

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Chelmsford: Birthplace of radio? Home of great design!

By Dan Summers | 24th March 2019 |

Welcome to Chelmsford Visitors arriving by road in Chelmsford, the county town of Essex and granted city status in 2012, are currently welcomed by ten brown road signs proudly proclaiming that Chelmsford is the birthplace of radio. Continue into the city centre and a stone’s throw from the Civic Centre is Marconi Plaza with its…

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